A Very Important Announcement From Ted “Wavegenius” Aguhob – And It Isn’t Bad News.

ATTN: All Wavegenius.com And Masterofcharts.com members paid and non paid. Good news. (I’m not dead, trust me!) I have decided after doing very VERY in depth research on the latest internet/smartphone and blogging trends over the past couple days, that switching to a smartphone community with all active members working together to bring the fun back. I’m doing this because all my competitors big and small are suffering from the huge downtrend in the PC market….there’s been a very large surge in the adoption of smartphone usage among the 40-65 age group, which is essentially my demographic, and I believe strongly that I can use a smartphone app platform to bring the vibrancy of my old community back to where it was.

Here’s what I’m planning in a nutshell:

1.) I’ve researched all the major smartphone social media apps including Whatsapp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram and Line. Out of all the social media apps that involve community and social input I’ve decided to use the app LINE. The website is located here: Click here to view information on “Line”. The reason I chose Line is because not only does it have a very organized chat and information service, it ALSO has PC and MAC access so you don’t have to have a smartphone to use it. You can simply download the Line software on your PC or MAC and have all the full features as if you were using a smartphone!

2.) I’m going to be producing new content on this app this weekend to get it all started out, and it will include all the top 5 lists and intraday analysis that you’d expect to see from yours truly. There’s a limit to how many people can be added per chat group (I believe it’s 300), but I’ll be answering questions on all chat groups and will be moderating all of them depending on how fast each chat group fills. For example: Chat 1 MAX 300 people, I’ll be included – Chat 2 MAX 300 People (I’ll be included)

3.) I won’t be monetizing this at all for as long as 3-6 months to see how viral and active these rooms will be. The main thing is this: I want ALL of you to feel free to post any commentary or questions or personal analysis with limited rules. The entire point of this is to build a huge community of my clients/friends/subscribers that will actively participate in each room.

4.) This could be a wild wild west, but I’m prepared to handle it. I would love to hear suggestions from the community and just be courteous and respectful and I’ll be happy to answer away to do quick timely analysis.

Basic instructions:

– Download the “LINE” app on your iphone, android at the apple or android play store, and when you’re done just simply add ID: wavegenius

– Download the PC or MAC software at http://line.me and proceed with the instructions and add ID: wavegenius

Keep in mind, I need time to setup everything so I’ll be producing content on the fly this weekend, and I would love to hear from all of you again.

About the author

CEO Ted Aguhob, Master Elliottician and Technical Analyst, Day And Swing Trader, Website Designer And Marketer, Artist, Producer and Musician has provided content to gemxwave.com, wavegenius.com and masterofcharts.com for over 14 years. The biggest breakthrough as a blogger came in 2013 when Wavegenius.com produced a net profit of over $177,000 and became one of the highest earning blogs in the entire country. Many of his biggest and most amazing calls appeared on major financial websites like Thestreet.com, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, was a radio personality on Washington DC Radio, and has a following in the tens of thousands for many years. Ted is known for his charisma, vision, creativity and better yet.."genius."

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