[Wavescan] Updated Look At The 4 Horseman 12.03.15 – $AMZN $AAPL $FB $NFLX

This is a quick look at what I consider the best 4 tech big cap stocks and their wave patterns after a truly ferocious drop today. Glass half full, this just looks like a corrective ABC flat with the big scary C wave today..may end up being a really bad close, but we may hold support at A wave low of 2019 tomorrow and rally into next week..anyway, here’s what I’m seeing:

AAPL (Apple): 786 support for AAPL is 114, and it’s lock step with S&P in terms of the ABC formation..the C wave is extending today and a break of 114 would setup a re-test of 109 as soon as tomorrow. Not a pretty formation, but on the 6 month chart it’s fine in terms of corrective waves..it’s just the short term that’s ugly.

AMZN (Amazon): AMZN doesn’t look as nasty as AAPL does, but it’s fading in a C wave and the A wave support sits at 662. I’m thinking ABC W2 flat to hold 662 at worst..that level holding and a reversal Wave 3…it’s holding up pretty well considering the circumstances. Good buy at 662.

FB (Facebook): FB has a double top B wave that’s plummeting in a C wave minimum..appears that it may do a retest of the A wave low at 99.5-100, but I’m thinking that support is pretty strong and it would reverse after testing it. Good buy at that range of 99.5-100.

NFLX (Netflix): Due to today’s drop NFLX may have run into 5 waves up, and may retrace all the way back to as low as 120 or previous 4 support..that’s not as bad as most stocks because momentum has been pretty strong in it..good buy at 120.

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CEO Ted Aguhob, Master Elliottician and Technical Analyst, Day And Swing Trader, Website Designer And Marketer, Artist, Producer and Musician has provided content to gemxwave.com, wavegenius.com and masterofcharts.com for over 14 years. The biggest breakthrough as a blogger came in 2013 when Wavegenius.com produced a net profit of over $177,000 and became one of the highest earning blogs in the entire country. Many of his biggest and most amazing calls appeared on major financial websites like Thestreet.com, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money, was a radio personality on Washington DC Radio, and has a following in the tens of thousands for many years. Ted is known for his charisma, vision, creativity and better yet.."genius."

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