1.03.17 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Stocks: $NVDA $ACIA $BABA $TSLA

NVDA – NVDA is trapped in a big zigzag ABC, but it looks standard..good buy area would be in the 95-98 range if it drops that low..that would be A = C

ACIA – ACIA appears to be near the completion of 5 waves down, and a good area to buy on a 5th wave would be 60-62

BABA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] BABA is in sideways to up move that doesn’t resemble an impulse, so I’d stay clear for now

TSLA – A close above 220 this week would setup an upward 3 to as high as 230-235 [/ms-protect-content]