1.17.17 Elliott Wave Updates For F.A.N.G. – $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL – Long Term

NFLX – NFLX broke 134 this morning setting up a continuation of a Wave 3..long term I have a 175+ target based on the 6 month Wave 3 breakaway chart..and longer term 260-270(!)

GOOGL – Off of last Friday’s long term breakout, GOOGL has a potential target of 1050+ based on the 1-2-3 pattern

FB – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] FB almost broke 130 this morning which was .786 of the entire zigzag formation going back 3 months…this one break would setup a move to as high as 170-180

AMZN – A break of 820 on AMZN’s long term chart would setup a W3 to as high as 1050-1100 on a 3 of 3 move [ms-protect-content]