1.17.17. Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Names: $NVDA $BABA $TSLA $ACIA

NVDA – If NVDA drops below 99 it would setup a full C wave back to the 88-90 range..if that level breaks at 99 that would be a good short in a full C wave

BABA – BABA formed a short zigzag in the past week and has reversed..an upward 3 could target as high as 110-112 on a break of 98

TSLA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″]TSLA touched 240 which is a huge breakout level…240 is the top of the B wave and if that breaks we could see it return back to 270-285 quickly

ACIA – ACIA has returned back to my 58-60 buy/accumlate range here..it looks like a 5th wave and the reward would be huge (80) if it gets a full .618 reversal. [/ms-protect-content]