FB – FB broke the top of the W4 at 147 and appears to be in the middle of a W3..highest target at 1.618 would be 165-170 short term.

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AMZN – AMZN got right up to the my 1700 short term 1.618 target and has gone sideways..but it’s gone further than most so a 2.618 W3 could target 1780-1800 or to the top of the B wave

NFLX – NFLX earnings are after the bell and it hit my 360-365 target in the past couple days..it could either gap up 50 points or gap down 50 points and nobody knows until it gets released

GOOGL – A 1-2-3 target from here off the ABC zigzag low would be 1180-1200 at 1.618.