1/17/21 Bitcoin Elliott Wave CHART and Targets [link fixed]

This is 1 of only 3 NFT Chart collectables available on the market.
The first minted copy (1 of 3) purchased for $188 in WAX gets a $1197 ANNUAL DISCORD membership!
(2 of 3) and (3 of 3) gets 1 month $197 DISCORD membership.

If the highest target hits for Bitcoin in W5, the monthly or annual membership transforms into a $1997 LIFETIME membership!

To get WAX crypto, go to www.wax.io, sign up and you can purchase it there…min for credit card purchase is $100.00.

If you can’t access WAX and want to pay with PayPal send to
I will ship the NFT to you on atomichub.io

This NFT is tradeable and transferrable so whoever owns it gets the remaining membership left.

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