1.24.19 Elliott Wave $BTC.X Bitcoin Update

It looks like have 1-2-1-2 before a downward 3 in bitcoin’s 1 month chart..worst case is a drop below 3220 on GDAX setting up a W3 to the 2900 range..this could end up being the 5 of 5 this time around with the recent bump up being a W4 before W5 down..

1 thought on “1.24.19 Elliott Wave $BTC.X Bitcoin Update

  1. Would this in your opinion be the final wave 5 of 5 down and likely end the Bitcoin bear market Ted? From a cycle perspective the next bottom could be around 15th Feb (around 14th Feb OPEX for the stock market).

    Could you see BTC going to $1800-2400 area? This seems to be fast becoming a popular area if the $3000 area breaks down. Likewise I’ve read before there’s a gap at around $900 though I am not sure if this is true.

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