1.27.17 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Names: $TSLA $BABA $NVDA $ACIA

TSLA – TSLA is correcting in a minor W2 correction after a huge run, but a close above 256 would setup a move back to the all time highs

BABA – If BABA can close above 103-104 it would setup a W3 after a W2 correction…highest target would be 116-120

NVDA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″]NVDA managed to break above the top of the B at 110 setting up a W3 that would break the all time high at 120

ACIA – ACIA is entering another swing trade low to buy…57-58 would be a good buy should it drop there [/ms-protect-content]