10.29.19 Game Plan/Trade Update

[ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] Here are my positions:

– AAPL I paid 235 for and it’s pulling back from 250 and what could have been a $13-$15,000 profit to 244, but I’m expecting 280 in this move so I’ll keep holding

– CGC is correcting in a W2 move and I was up nearly $15,000 before this pullback..but since I think it’s bottomed and it could hit 28-30 I’ll keep holding

– TQQQ I’m up about 2 points on or nearly $10,000 and it’s got a long way to go to the 70’s so I’m still holding

– GBTC I have 10,000 shares at 10.30 and it’s nearly 11.30 for about a $10,000 profit..and since I think it bottomed it could hit 12-13 or higher so it’s still a hold

– I have 20 bitcoins avg price around 8100 and it’s at 9400..I’m still holding in anticipation of 12,000+