10/20/16 Elliott Wave Look At ETF’s: $IBB $NUGT $TQQQ $UPRO

IBB – IBB needs to hold 618 support at 262 and break above 285 long term to setup a big zigzag bottom..the bottom looks really near at this point.

NUGT – ABC looks complete, but for me to touch it it would need to take out at least 20 to the upside..considering how crazy NUGT is we could see that move in a matter of days..

TQQQ – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] The 786 breakout of TQQQ remains 128..it completed a zigzag and could break it this week with no problem.

UPRO – 74 is the key breakout level after completing a full ABC zigzag. [/ms-protect-content]