10/20/16 – Elliott Wave Look At Top 4 Food Stocks – $SBUX $PNRA $BWLD $CMG

SBUX – SBUX might be near the completion of a full ABC zigzag going back 6 months from 61..A = C to 52 could end up being the bottom in this stock.

PNRA – PNRA got a full upward 4 today to 197 and worst case now is a 5 down and full 618 reversal after bottoming in a 5th wave..needs to hold support at 187.

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BWLD – Got the full upward 4 today after a 1-2-3 down, and could get a full 618 reversal back to 160 if it can hold 138

CMG – Long term CMG may have seen 5 waves down completed and could be “ripe” for a full 618 reversal..it would start with a break of 438. [/ms-protect-content]