10/24/16 Elliott Wave Update For Big Tech: $AAPL $PCLN $NTES $BIDU

AAPL- AAPL appears to be trapped in an ABC flat in the past 10 trading days..it still has a chance of breaking the huge top of B 123 level this week if it takes out 117.5.

NTES – NTES is in an ABC flat, and if it can exceed 267 this week, it would setup a continuation of a W3 to the 280-285 range shortly..

PCLN – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] PCLN has W1-W2 into a possible W3 if it takes out 1472..if it travels the full length of a W3 on that breakout it could see the 1520-1530 range.

BIDU – BIDU is trapped in a sideways flat, and needs to take out at least 179 to get back to the 182-185 range..