10/21/16 Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: $TQQQ $UPRO $NUGT $IBB

IBB – IBB appears to have formed a 4 up before 5 down at worst..needs to hold 262 at 618 support to prevent further damage..

NUGT – NUGT formed at least a 4 up on the recent rally to 382, and needs to hold 12.5 and reverse over 20 to breakout of of the downtrend…that type of move is very possible with the wildness of NUGT.

TQQQ – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] If TQQQ can’t break 128 in the coming few trading days, it would setup a downward C at worst back to 117-118.

UPRO – Worst case is a full 5 down to break 68 and test the 65-66 range