11.09.16 Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: $NUGT $IBB $UPRO $TQQQ

NUGT – Couldn’t break 16 to the upside and is near the low of the A wave..worst case is a C wave down to the single digits

IBB – IBB took out 786 of the 5th wave down long term due to Trump’s win yesterday…Biotech was stuck in a downtrend mainly due to what Hillary could have done had she won. 290 looks very possible here..

TQQQ – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] Key breakout level is 125.5..that’s 786 of the C wave and if it breaks we could see 131-133 quickly

UPRO – UPRO cleared 786 of the C wave in a large margin setting up a Wave 3…highest short term target could be 77-78 [/ms-protect-content]