11.11.16 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Stocks: $ACIA $TWLO $TSLA $BABA

ACIA – ACIA needs to hold 66 and reverse over 74..if it can’t hold 66 we could see the low 60’s by next week

TWLO – Needs to take out 34 to get out of this messy sideways pattern, but it’ll be tough considering how insane the drop has been since the highs

TSLA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] TSLA is reversing off the lows but needs to take out 194 or 786 of the C wave to prevent further damage.

BABA – Appears to be near the end of a downward 3 at 1.618…96 support broke so it needs to rally in a 382 W4 back to 96-97 to prevent further damage [/ms-protect-content]