11.16.16 Elliott Wave Update For Top Food Stocks: $PNRA $BWLD $CMG $SBUX

CMG – CMG is retracing in a zigzag after spiking hard in at least a W1..If this is a 2 before a 3 in a zigzag, it would break above 420 and take out 455-460 on this move..

SBUX – A wave 3 is forming in SBUX setting up a move to as high as 57-58 on a 1.618..

PNRA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″]Retracing in a 2 before possible 3..by end of the month I can see PNRA hitting a new 52 week high

BWLD – BWLD got a full Wave 3 at 1.618 to near the 52 week high..it looks like it’s retracing in a 4 before a 5.. [/ms-protect-content]