11.16.16. Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: $NUGT $IBB $TQQQ $UPRO

NUGT – If you draw a huge ABC zigzag from the 36 high a couple months ago, it would target exactly $6 or $7 give or take..I’m betting it’ll bottom in that range.

IBB – IBB has been sideways over the past couple days after launching on the election..I could see it exceeding 300 after it breaks out of the W2 flat or triangle

TQQQ – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] 786 breakout would be around 123.50 for TQQQ and it’s fast approaching that level..a break of that level would setup a move back to at least 126.5-127

UPRO – After a long sideways flat UPRO broke out yesterday..if it turns green today it would setup a 3 to as high as 78-80 in a 5 or 88-90 in a Wave 3 [/ms-protect-content]