11.18.16 Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: $TQQQ $UPRO $IBB $NUGT

TQQQ – Worst case scenario intraday is a full ABC back to 121.5-122, but if it can break 124.25 intraday it would setup a move to green..

UPRO – UPRO needs to break 75.6 by the close or a zigzag could form taking it back to 74.50-74.75 intraday

IBB – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] IBB has nearly 5 waves down complete intraday but at worst would need to touch 283 before a full reversal.

NUGT – Total breakdown today…worst case is a full ABC zigzag back to $6 a share[/ms-protect-content]