11.21.16 Elliott Wave Updates For Food Stocks: $PNRA $BWLD $CMG $SBUX

PNRA – PNRA’s recent explosive rally could get more explosive..a break of 213 at the .786 breakout level would setup a retest of the all time high of 224

BWLD – BWLD broke .786 today of the entire drop from 173 and could end up breaking 173 by year end..

CMG – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] CMG is forming a 1-2-3 pattern off the recent lows..a break of 418 would setup a move back to the 445-450 range

SBUX – A 1-2-3 pattern off the lows is forming and a full 1.618 W3 would target 59-60 [/ms-protect-content]