11.22.16 Elliott Wave Updates For Big Tech: $AAPL $PCLN $BIDU $NTES

BIDU – Looks like a nearly completed zigzag in the past few days..with 5 waves down in the C wave..if the market reverses off the lows it would spike harder than most techs due to this formation.

NTES – Trapped in a sideways corrective W2..worst case is a full c wave back to 227-228

AAPL – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] This might be 5 waves up in AAPL with a 618 x w1 + w3 5th wave so I’d stay away for now..

PCLN – PCLN broke 1530 this morning setting up a W3..but since NASDAQ might have 5 waves up it wouldn’t be a good idea to chase this breakout..yet..[/ms-protect-content]