11.29.16 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Names: $NVDA $ACIA $TSLA $BABA

BABA – BABA in the past 2-3 days has formed a 1-2-3 pattern..highest target short term would be 99-100 on this move.

ACIA – ACIA appears to be forming a 5th wave down after a 4th wave up, and may have to retest the 65-67 range

NVDA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] NVDA is trapped in a sideways 4 for almost 7-8 trading days now, but one move over 95.5 and it’ll setup a full 3.

TSLA – TSLA is correcting in W2, and needs to hold 190 and break 197 to setup an upward 3 [/ms-protect-content]