11/03/16 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Stocks: $TWLO $ACIA $TSLA $BABA

TWLO – Really difficult to draw targets considering the drop has been on a big fade without any upward 2’s or upward 4’s to draw from…but I’d see a floor at the 25-27 range at worst

ACIA – ACIA downward W5 618 X W1 + w3 target would be 65 and we’re getting really close to that level..that would also be 1.618 to the downside

TSLA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] TSLA broke downside A wave support at 190 leaving it open to test the 175 range in the coming weeks..it needs to bottom here badly

BABA – A = C in BABA would target the 95-96 range before any kind of bottom would form.[/ms-protect-content]