12.09.16 Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: $IBB $NUGT $TQQQ $UPRO

IBB – Today’s retracement appears to be a 4 up before 5 down at worse, but after 5 waves down complete, there’s potential for a 618 reversal over 282

NUGT – NUGT broke below 7.75 support and it looks headed for my $6 ABC zigzag target..for bottom fishers, that’s the are to buy as January effect will likely give it a push higher off that level

TQQQ – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] Appears to have 1-2-3 up near completion into a corrective 4, but we broke the huge 786 resistance level so we could hit higher highs after the 4

UPRO – UPRO has already travelled 2.618 X W1, so it’s time to back off for a bit [/ms-protect-content]