12.13.17 Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: TQQQ TNA $NUGT $IBB

NUGT – NUGT needs a 4th wave reversal here to 382 to prevent further damage to the downside..30 is the .382 retrace from here

IBB – After a large cup type of W2 correction, a break of 110.50 would setup a W3 past the 52 week highs

TQQQ – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] TQQQ has 1-2-3-4 up with a 5th wave in progress..target 142-143 on a 618 x w1 + w3 move

TNA – TNA needs to cross 74 to prevent a full w2 correction back to 66-67 [/ms-protect-content]

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