12.23.16 Elliott Wave Updates For Big Tech: $AAPL $PCLN $BIDU $NTES

AAPL – Top of the B wave and gap resistance is at 116.50..AAPL needs to close above that level to setup an upward 3..long term I can see it hit over 125-130 based on the 3 month chart formation

PCLN – 1-2-3-4-5 down nearly complete..again a drop to the 1465 range in PCLN would be a great buy ahead of 5 waves down and a 618 reversal.

BIDU -[ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] BIDU would be a good buy at the 160 range after 5 waves down..but a break above 167 would negate that retest and setup a 618 reversal over 174

NTES – A close above 224 would setup a W3 and a zigzag bottom..if this scenario occurs, 240-245 would come quick [/ms-protect-content id]