12.27.16 Elliott Wave Updates For F.A.N.G. – $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL

FB – FB barely held 116 which would have formed a C wave..now to stop the C wave it needs to break the top of the B at 120 minimum

AMZN – AMZN broke the top of the B at 775 which almost single handedly stopped the start of a C wave, but needs to close above it to fully prevent it.

[ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] NFLX broke through 1.00 resistance at 127.50 setting up a Wave 3 to as high as 133

GOOGL – GOOGL broke through B wave resistance at 815 but faded..it needs to close above that level to prevent a full C wave [/ms-protect-content]