2.10.17 Elliott Wave Updates For Big Tech: $AAPL $PCLN $NTES $BIDU

AAPL – AAPL still appears to be in the middle of a Wave 3..and the highest target I can see from here is 170-180 on a full 1.618 move

PCLN – PCLN appears to be well on it’s way to my 1760-1800 target on a breakout W3 move..today’s it’s up 25 and launching like a W3

NTES – One break of 269 in NTES would setup a W3 over 300 and past the all time highs at 1.618

BIDU – On this breakout BIDU could see 200+ on a W3 move ..we have w1, w2 cup and handle into a W3 [/ms-protect-content]