2.10.17 Elliott Wave Updates For ETF’s: $FAS $TNA $IBB $NUGT

NUGT – NUGT hit my W3 target of 13-14 and has been correcting since…looks like it formed 5 waves down and the correction is nearly over..if it takes out 13.27 another W3 would setup..

TNA – After going sideways for a very long time, TNA finally broke into a W3 move…short term target could be 112-114 on this move

IBB – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] IBB appears to be ready to break into a W3 over 300 this time around..1-2-3 pattern formed

FAS – FAS finally broke 44 and appears to be setting up for a W3..it needs to close above 44 for me to trust it however [/ms-protect-content]