2.13.17 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Names: $NVDA $ACIA $TSLA $BABA

TSLA – TSLA broke all major resistance and is in the middle of a huge W3..a break of 290 as stated earlier would setup a wave 3 with potential target of 575-600(!)

ACIA – ACIA is showing some life after a deep 5 to the 55 range..today’s it’s up huge, but it needs to break at least 77 to get out of the downtrend which is pretty far away

BABA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″]If BABA break 110 it would setup a huge W3 to as high as 165-170(!) long term..looks like a simple w1-w2-w3 pattern break

NVDA – NVDA appears to be in an ABC flat which may take it back to retest the 99-100 range..so I’d stay away [/ms-protect-content]