2.21.17 Elliott Wave Updates For Momentum Stocks: $TSLA $BABA $NVDA $ACIA

TSLA – TSLA completed a W2 zigzag and reversed..if it takes out 284 this week it would setup a W5 to 310 or a W3 to 350

BABA – BABA completed a W2 correction and if it can close above 103.25 it would setup W3 or W5

NVDA – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″] After a long impulse down in a 1-2-3 NVDA got a corrective 4 which stops the 3 and leaves just a mild 5th wave before reversal

ACIA – ACIA completed 5 waves up and may drop to as low as 64 or the previous 4 before any kind of reversal [/ms-protect-content]