2.22.17 Elliott Wave Updates For Big Tech: $AAPL 170? $PCLN 1850? $NTES 340? $BIDU 200?

NTES – NTES is still in the middle of a W3 after a huge move the previous 5 days..highest 1.618 target would be 330-340

BIDU – BIDU just broke into a W3 with a 1.00 breakout..highest target on 1.618 would be 200+

AAPL – [ms-protect-content id=”61,117,1559″]AAPL short term is grinding higher in a W3 and highest short term target would be 170 at 1.618

PCLN – PCLN is in the middle of a W3 breakout with a target of 1850 on this move [/ms-protect-content]