3 Hours Left 75% Off Wavegenius Lifetime + Crypto Lifetime

Hello Mr. or Mrs. Soon To Be Excited, This might be the final sale..ever for Wavegenius.com..or sales will be much less frequent..I’m getting the price of $449 for lifetime memberships easily but I’ve accumulated a big list of new potential members so I’ve decided to do this one sale to test.

75% Off full Lifetime price is $199.95 and that’s been the key number for year for attracting huge sales figures, and I’ll be setting that price..only 3 Hours left.. go to https://wavegenius.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7cfddc4b88f685ef3374d6684&id=7ad8c84aca&e=51a75d5785 and add coupon code: MAR

If you didn’t know I’m 44-5 over the past 14 weeks with a 75%+ profit of $325,000.00 and I made 19,500% turning a mere $52 into $10,140.00 (numbers edited for accuracy) last summer trading options in TLRY CGC and AMZN..that beats the world’s greatest trader EVER WD Gann’s best 30 day trading record percentage wise…I hate to say it, but yeah, “get rich quick” is the theme here if you look at these huge numbers.

Now something exciting I want to share: I discovered a website recently called Suretrader that allows traders with under $25,000 to bypass the US day trading rule! Not only that you get 6X LEVERAGE intraday. So if you have $2000-$3000 you have leverage of up to $12,000-$18,000 per trade, and I usually try to achieve at least 4%-5% per trade..which I usually get.

So with only $2000-$3000 you can make almost $800-$1000 per trade based on my alerts. Best thing about my website is this..almost 90% of the time I profit so you’re assured that you’ll make a profit almost 90% of the time as well when I e-mail the trade alerts buy and sell.

Also you can use that 6X leverage for OPTIONS too..so wipe that drool from your mouth because with Wavegenius.com this is a HUGE DEAL. 5% on a stock trade is 35%-50% on a stock options trade 1 month out…and multiply that by 6X..yeah, it’s a big deal.

The one knock on Suretrader is commission, but I typically trade 500 shares of a huge stock like NFLX and the cost is just $5.00..so it comes out to .01 per share. Since I trade big well known tech companies the commission is cheap.

Suretrader is based in Bahamas and is NOT a scam site. Alexa ranking is near 100,000 so it’s legit and not runaway and take your money website. Here’s a couple reviews from a couple huge websites:



To sign up for Suretrader with a $500 min deposit with Debit/Credit card option, go to this link..you get $50 in free trades through my link..(you need to verify with e-mail or phone number to read the website if you’re a United States trader due to SEC rules which is no big deal):


I know Wavegenius.com sounds complex, but you don’t need to know this elliott wave stuff AT ALL. I send e-mails buy and sell of what I trade in real time. 88% Profitable. Simple is that…for example one e-mail in real time would read “Bought 500 NFLX for 360” and another “Sold NFLX for 375”. How easy is that? Also during each trade I e-mail guidance on what I plan on doing (typically the Game Plan posts) so you’ll know what’s on my ‘Genius mind.

To Join just click here..remember only 3 hours left sale :

https://wavegenius.us19.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7cfddc4b88f685ef3374d6684&id=292a378e23&e=51a75d5785 and add the coupon code: MAR to join now for only $199.95

For more info about the 19,500% gain:


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