[4 Horseman] A Look at AAPL, AMZN, FB, NFLX 12.11.15

AAPL (Apple): AAPL is sitting on A wave support and is likely to break this very moment..worst case scenario is a full A = C down to the 108-110 range before any kind of reversal..decent short setup here..

FB (Facebook): If FB breaks 103.25 again, it may see a full C wave to test support as low as 98-100 in an A = C move..could be much worse considering the downward 3 in the S&P, but being a last man standing is NOT a good thing.

NFLX (Netflix): [ms-protect-content id=”61,117″]  A good buy for NFLX would be 117-118…that would be a pure A = C zigza move before reversal…it’s held up recently but a break down to that level would be a good opportunity…

AMZN (Amazon): AMZN is actually sitting on A = C (about 652-654) at this moment, which is a decent place to buy with limited downside..but I would wait to see if it retests 648-650 before buying..that would be near 1.618.. [/ms-protect-content]

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