[4 Horseman] An Elliott Wave Look at NFLX AMZN FB AAPL 12.10.15

NFLX:  Not much action in Netflix today, but it does look like it’s near the end of a C wave..120 is the A = C target, and a great place to buy on the dip..the fact that NASDAQ is cruising higher at this point would help a lot in causing this bonkers stock to go bonkers again by the close..

AMZN: AMZN got near my 655 target by one point and bounced…it would be nice to go back and buy there, but buying here isn’t a bad idea as the zigzag W2 correction is almost over…highest target 800 by next year based on this very formation.

FB: [ms-protect-content id=”61,117″] FB is still stuck in the big sideways pattern but is just fractions from taking out 106 or 786 again..a break of that level would help cause a 1.00 attempt over 107 and out of this sideways mess, into an upward 3.

AAPL: AAPL has 1-2-3-4 down with the 4 at 382 at this very moment..waiting on the 5 would be a good idea if the 5th drops to the standard length at 114.70…the fact that NASDAQ is pushing higher would likely prevent that 5, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to be patient here..  [/ms-protect-content]

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