AAPL Long Term 10 Year Chart Forecast

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This is a MasterOfCharts.com analysis of the 10 year chart of AAPL:

Best case scenario on the 10 year chart of AAPL Nov 13, 2015:  Best case scenario for AAPL is that the move from the low in 2003 to the high of 95 was the first wave or W1, and the corrective cup and handle fade from 95 to 55 was the second Wave or W2.  That would mean the breakout above the 1.00 retracement level or top of the first wave was the start of a 3rd wave, and the highest target would be as high as 200 based on a 1.618 golden ratio move.

Worst case scenario on the 10 year chart of AAPL: Worst case scenario is that the retracement from 95 to 55 was a W4 before W5.  That would be a 382 retracement before a 5th wave, which would cap out at 110-120 which is .618 X W1 + W3.  That target was near the recent high and it may drop to the previous 4 in the 50-60 range in a deep corrective wave 2, retracing 5 waves up.

Where I’m leaning: 80% chance is that it’s entered a Wave 3 to as high as 200, because the move from 90 to 55 was well past 382 which is typically where a W4 would end.

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