19,500% gain I made beating 30 day WD Gann Record in $TLRY $AMZN $CGC

This was the first time I decided to try trading incredibly short term calls in wild stocks like TLRY and CGC…I was going 3 days to 1 week out on each call I bought…but it was purely experimental and didn’t want to commit huge amounts of money in such risky assets…

But I saw 300% and 500% gains on CGC and TLRY when they JUST broke into the gap up island reversals, so I started very small…like $52 – $5.50 for commission small…$52 on 1 weekly call for CGC and it snowballed from there..I figured I’d go super risky on these huge moves with a very small amount of money just to see how it would go…turns out TLRY and CGC kept rocketing, so I bought $200K in shares on the big account and very tiny in the options account…when the $52 turned into $300+ on the first trade, I would try the weekly call again and CGC and TLRY kept flying..

So I made huge profits on the big account and huge percentage gains on the tiny options account…it started to become record breaking when I started to trade AMZN, and my goal was $10,000 with $52 and I hit my goal when TLRY caught fire in a big way…80% of the trades were profitable, but it WAS NOT EASY. I had to hold the big positions and the tiny positions into huge 10%-20% drops in TLRY pullbacks and because of my expertise as an elliottician, I knew it would come back into 3rd waves and into much bigger moves…

When TLRY started the huge downtrend I essentially stopped…the big account got wacked erasing 2 days of TLRY gains, but overall I made a huge amount of money in such a small amount of time on the big account, and MASSIVE percentage gains on the tiny options account…I didn’t know that I was setting world records in trading at all…since it was such a small account I took massive risks with weekly calls and it turned out the way it did…19,500% gain on only $52 into $10,140…that’s totally insane I know…I have never taught anyone how I did it with that tiny options account, and maybe in the future I will..

I beat WD Gann’s Best 30 day trading record!
From http://www.planetarytiming.com/

“W. D. Gann was a legend in the markets.

Over and over again during his long career on Wall Street, he revealed an uncanny ability to name the exact dates and the exact prices when trends would reverse in the stock and commodity markets.

Gann turned this precision timing knowledge into a fortune.

In 1908 he started out with $130 and turned it into $12,000 in 30 days.

In 1923 he took a $973 account and increased it to $30,000 in 60 days.

In 1933 he made 479 trades in the market, with 422 of them being profitable. With an accuracy of 88% he made 4000% profit.”

Gann’s legend started growing almost instantly after moving to New York City.

“In the month of October 1909 alone, he made 286 trades in one trading session. Only 22 of these were losing trades. A 91% success rate. The press started following him closely. A journalist from the respected Ticker and Investment Digest spent time on the trading floor observing every trade Gann made over several weeks. He later wrote, ‘I once saw him take $130, and in less that one month run it up to over $12,000. He can compound money faster than any man I ever met.’

His best return was $130 into $12,000 in 30 days. It took only 26 trades, with Gann way more..
Mine was $52 into $10,140 in 30 days..I ALSO have matched him with 88% accuracy on trades since Nov 2016 to present..I’ve done 80% or better for over 18 years now..

I beat the record of the world’s greatest trader of ALL TIME last Aug-Sept 2018…I didn’t even know that I accomplished this feat…WD Gann is THE TRADING GOD and on my real e-trade account I surpassed his best trading record…I have proof of all the trades here: http://profit.ly/user/naturalstocks

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