Admin: Resolved All Payment/Plugin/Registration Issues Tonite…Unbelievable

If you noticed this weekend, the site was down and very buggy, and I got to the bottom of it…IPN issues, faulty and corrupt plugins, broken links..I had no idea how bad the back end was until I saw that plugins I uploaded were fucking up the site..this was an ongoing issue for almost 2 weeks…tonite I finally resolved them with a little help from the host…I complete deactivated and uninstalled all the faulty plugins and now people can register and subscribe now..for 2 weeks I wondering why everything dried up with traffic and interest exploding…I thought it was one plugin but was 3-4 plugins that I stupidly uploaded…anyway, it appears everything is fixed now simply by uninstalling the corrupt plugins.

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The secret of many top analysts and traders...(in fact mutual fund managers, hedge fund traders and even a couple seat owners of the NYSE are subscribers!) Ted "Wavegenius" Aguhob since 2001 has profited on 80%-88% of his trades EVERY year since the inception of his blogs and websites..Ted has made and incredible amount of calls during this period including: 1778% gain in 03-04 from swing trades, The 2009 bottom lows of S&P DOW and NASDAQ literally right on the number, the massive 3rd waves when SPX made it's run from just over 1000 to 2400+ that we're seeing now (these calls were written by Ernie Varitimos on articles on the FRONT PAGE of, Yahoo Finance and MSN Money for a week), The exact all time low of Apple and Facebook and the huge move that followed on Youtube videos, and he's had Top 20 Charts of stocks that 90%-100% of the time were the time the calls were considered insane to most and hundreds of his charts have been like that..until they actually a result Ted with a tiny audience made almost $177,000 in 2013 as one of the top earning blogs in the country. His following is beyond fanatical, and has been hidden away for many years with many websites and competitors refusing to partner with him..mostly because he'd walk in there and take away many subscribers and traffic from them...

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