After A Short Period Of Being Tortured By Pain, I Present To You S&P Elliott Wave Forecast For 1/06/16


This is the Elliott Wave Forecast For S&P 500 1/06/16..can a bottom form here?

Best case scenario: We got an A wave from 2120 to 2020, a B wave to 2100 resistance followed by (3) Total B waves into a C wave..I’ve seen this pattern..once..but it has the formation of a regular’s just a bizarre rarely seen thing but when a zigzag is a zigzag..that’s what it ABC formation with an A = C bottom..however we need VIX over 25-27 and 1960 at 618 fiboancci support holding…that would be another 1-2-3-4-5 down and 618 reversal.

Worst case scenario: 1960 breaks without a strong reverrsal and we retest the 1880-1900 low set back in September on a huge rare C wave…that’s a scenario now but if this zigzag scenario plays out, it’ll be the typical thing I’ve seen soooo many times that have reversed out of bottoms…I’m almost 90% accurate calling bottoms, which is pretty astonishing, so keep this in mind…I have records going back almost a decade and a half of what I can do.

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