Funny thing about GOOG’s 5 year chart is that the full 1.618 target drawn from
taking the length of Wave 1 from 250 to 645 and the low of Wave 2 would actually be exactly 1079. Pretty funny. HOWEVER….the recent powerful island reversal gap up 3rd wave epicenter move had huge volume and the company still
has serious momentum. This is GOOGLE we’re talking about. The fact that it
hit 1.618 does NOT mean that I want people to short it. BAD. BAD idea. It’s far
ahead yeah, but the 2.618 variety is NOT out of the question. In fact it’s probably
the most logical target right now….the target would end up being 1487 if it travels
2.618 X Wave 1 in the “rare” Wave 3 target (20% of the time W3 is 2.618)