UPRO first wave approximated would be the low March of 2009 around 8 to the
top of Wave 1 to 43. Wave 2 retraced right to the previous 4 at 19, held, and rallied in a pure upward 3. Here’s the big thing about UPRO..it’s already BROKEN
past the 1.618 conservative target of 76.63…which MEANS that it could be right
in the middle of the epicenter of a very large upward 3 move. That would be
Wave 3 = 1.618 X the multiple gain of the first wave which happens to be 5.375
X 1.618 = 8.9675, multiply that number by the low of the Wave 2 which was
19.80 and you arrive at the multiple gain of W1 X 1.618 target of 172.10. It’s not
crazy target since S&P could hit either 2215 or 3545 in the next few or couple
years, and UPRO is a TRIPLE ETF.