Amazing ’13 Ebook UPRO Call – Was 85, called 172..well surpassed that (PIC)


UPRO first wave approximated would be the low March of 2009 around 8 to the
top of Wave 1 to 43. Wave 2 retraced right to the previous 4 at 19, held, and rallied in a pure upward 3. Here’s the big thing about’s already BROKEN
past the 1.618 conservative target of 76.63…which MEANS that it could be right
in the middle of the epicenter of a very large upward 3 move. That would be
Wave 3 = 1.618 X the multiple gain of the first wave which happens to be 5.375
X 1.618 = 8.9675, multiply that number by the low of the Wave 2 which was
19.80 and you arrive at the multiple gain of W1 X 1.618 target of 172.10. It’s not
crazy target since S&P could hit either 2215 or 3545 in the next few or couple
years, and UPRO is a TRIPLE ETF.

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