Amazing Ebook ’13 Nikkei Call – was 15,650 called 24,958..almost hit that recently


On this beautiful Nikkei chart, there’s a Wave 1 from 8300 to 15,970 a DEEP
corrective Wave 2 from 15,970 back to 12,400…AND it’s just entered a breakout
“80% trade setup” 3rd wave move…If it travels 1.618 x Wave 1, the highest target
would be as high as 24,958. That would also double as a .618 upside breakout of
the ENTIRE 23 YEAR BEAR IN THE NIKKEI. This could finally be the point
where the entire struggle of the Japanese civilization ends. They have really had a
bad time in the past 23 years, and from what I’m seeing they could finally see real
sustained growth pattern on the Nikkei chart

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