Become an affiliate of! Get 50% Payout from PayPal Instantly! – Info

It’s pretty simple. Just register as an affiliate and once approved, you’ll have a unique link that you can post anywhere and it’ll be tracked..each payment you get will be split 50/50 and paid instantly via PayPal depending on what service is bought. This includes my 75% off sales! Note: If you have a large e-mail list it’s very lucrative. On a sale, just follow my lead and send an e-mail every 3-4 hours for 30 hours. I have only 2300 e-mail subscribers and get 20-30 new lifetime members for each monthly sale I throw. If you had 23 THOUSAND, imagine what would happen. My content is so powerful that I’ve converted nearly 40% of my updated lists over the years.

First you need to register…Click here to register as an affiliate!

Once approved (which is automatic), log onto your affiliate dashboard by clicking here

If you’re not a member or paid member already and need to register your e-mail address click here to register

Here are screenshots of what you’ll see logged in…


This shows your activity, balance and who has accessed the site via your affiliate link..


On this page, you’ll see your unique link that you can post media like twitter, facebook etc, or your own website. You can generate links to specific pages as well

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