Beware Prechter And For Their So-Called Bitcoin Service

If you don’t know, Robert Prechter and his gang of idiots have made dozens of top calls in the S&P with big headlines since 2009 and have fucked up 100% of the time. And because of this their website traffic plummeted to almost nothing.

Just Google “Robert Prechter” and you’ll laugh your ass off reading his bonehead articles. He’s a PSYCHOPATH, PEOPLE. And when you’re psychopath you can’t get anything right because I doubt he can even tie his shoes without help.

Now they’ve launched a bitcoin service to compete with me, which happens frequently when I’ve launched successful services. They have ZERO track record for bitcoin when it comes to wave counts, so if you’re plan on spending money on their bitcoin service which launched this month, you’ve made a huge mistake.

I’ve made over $63,000 starting with just over $12,000 this year trading bitcoin with NO LOSSES, so if you’re looking for bitcoin alerts, Wavegenius is the place.

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