Hey guys..starting tomorrow I’ve been challenged to turn $75,000.00 into $500,000 in 1 year..With this E-Trade account I will show all my DAY trades, and by next year, I’ll setup a service for day traders only…If I turn $75,000 into half a million (I turned $55 into $10,000+ in 30 days!) a bonus would kick in and I’d take 50% of the profits..I know I can do this so you’ll be seeing a lot of day trading content on the website, and VERY aggressive trading..I will still have swing trade setups as usual, but I’ll be diving in and out making up to 20-30 trades a day..I’m sure you saw my last 1 year day trading account where I profited 90% (NINETY PERCENT) of the time, and I’ll show everyone why I consider myself not only the best elliottician in the world, but the best TRADER.