This is the Noon Elliott Wave Update For the S&P 500 case zigzag scenario:

Best case scenario:  After 5 waves up from 2007 to 2057 we’re correcting in a standard corrective Wave 2 zigzag…what we need is for S&P to break the intraday high above 2042 and above 2045 or the top of the B to prevent a downward C and remain in the framework of a regular ABC zigzag..if we get this scenario we could reach higher highs by the middle of the week.

Worst case scenario:  Worst case scenario is a downside break of 20278 and 2023…a break of 2023 would setup a downward C that would test and or break 2005, and worst a downward 3 would take it to the 1975-1980 range.

Where I’m leaning:  

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