Clamoring Over Elliott Prechter’s Recent Call – When it was 2200 he called for a bear market in bitcoin $BTC.X

Read that post..yes bitcoin was just 2200-2500 and Elliott Precther, who is the son of known psychopath Robert Prechter, called for a bear market….as you know it ran from 2200 to 19,800+ so that loser has been ranting about a crash or bear market in it and it ran up almost 10X that…

So his recent “call” that supposedly pushed bitcoin down is a scam…the imbecile has been calling for a crash from 2200 to 19,800 and when it finally dropped 50% the idiots at think that he was right.

Hello…since 2200-2500? HAHA what morons. If you listened to him you would have missed out on the move from 2200 to 19800 AND if shorting futures came out earlier you would have gotten killed by his father like son…of course.

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