Deep Meditative Thought Post: The realization of the ultimate dream = 3 of 3 of 3 in a market


The 3 of 3 of 3 is a very strong possibility…we are far from overvalued like the 90’s or housing bubbles or shit like that…far far…there’s no way this is another bubble..100% NOT A BUBBLE. Have you seen charts from 1930’s depression with DOW at 40 (YES, FORTY)? And here we are just 80 some years later and DOW is nearly 18,000? At the lows of the great depression did ANYONE see this happening?

I saw this happening as far back as 2001..but the fake bubble B wave rally came from it and it was driven by fear..FEAR…commodities from 2001 on became HUGE like gold was just 290 in 1999 and went to 1500…who could have seen all this?

ME. I saw it as a chosen person…I saw these magical fibonacci patterns that had shape and form of 5 waves and zigzags..and 1.618 x w1 = W3 and 1.00 or 786 of the C wave…man I saw it all baby…

Now..the same guy on the front page of, me, calling S&P 2251 when it was barely 1300 in less than 2 years? What do I say now?

3300 S&P minimum..we are now at the EPICENTER OF THE 3 OF 3 OF 3….simply out of my powerful vision…just numbers and wave patterns..with a dash of fundamentals..NO FEAR IN SIGHT = EUPHORIC PARADISE 3 of 3 of W3

The pattern is so clear

MINIMUM…Or DOW 135,887..(Article is here for it) x e l i t t i l e x


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