Detailed Look: How I’m Able To Call Bottoms With Such An Amazing Frequency

This is an inside detailed look of how I was able to call
All the major bottoms from 2009 to 2013 perfectly, and the secrets behin- dactually finding these precise lows using the charts from 2007 to present.

It’s not as complicated as it’s a very simple concept actually

It’s simply finding 5 waves down and 3rd waves up and knowing the fi- bonacci lengths of each of the 5 waves as well as spotting zigzags and re- tracements to pinpoint the precise lows before a large reversal.

I’ve made some pretty amazing calls since 2009

To be honest it’s not actually a secret, but people need me and my
“1 in a million” vision and artistic view of charts…it’s supposed to be a sci- ence, but to be master elliott wave, you need to have the creative eyes of a master artist as well as the precision of a surgeon.
BTW My dad is a doctor, his brother is a doctor, his son is a doctor, and 5 of my mom’s sisters and brothers are all doctors..I happen to be the most artistic of my entire family. I’ve written 17 songs, practically mastered speed guitar at
the age of 18, and recently I’ve sold 3 works of abstract art for between $440- $560 a piece on ebay.

I don’t plan on focusing on art and music to make money, but it could be a big factor with my life in the near future.
This is one reason why people subscribe in droves..ALSO they NEED me to confirm or fully validate their elliott wave patterns because they simply cannot see what I’m seeing or have the confidence like I have to go through with their trades.

This is the greatest benefit of my website and this formula is how many of my subscribers have made high percent- age gains over the years, and have run off streaks of trades like I have. Knowing that the extremely experienced Ted The Wavegenius can vali- date what you’re seeing in real time in the chat room or on video or audio is a very very powerful tool in your trading arsenal.
This November 2013 my profit accuracy has been 100%, and many of my 3rd wave calls, zigzag bottom calls which seemed nuts at the time actually became true.

Now the history from 2006 to present. This historical perspective is how I became very confident with these 80% to 90% pattern trade setups.

Obviously having a guy master elliott wave like this and being able to communicate in real time is like I said, extremely powerful.

Near the 2006-2007 Peak I was not a likable person. I only had about 200 visits a day to my websites from 2000 visits day because I went from hero in 2003-2005 to zero from 2005-2007.

My trading wasn’t bad. I just kept posting to my 10,000+ Myspace fol- lowers that commodities, particularly oil was about to crash and remain sideways for an extended period of time like way back in the 80’s. History repeats itself, and I despised the house of cards market that was being formed.

The fact that my not so intelligent ex-girlfriend got a $100K a year job at real estate firm simply for how she looked took me to the brink.

I didn’t pinpoint the exact top of the market, but for a year I kept call- ing a
bubble in the housing, commodity and oil markets on my crazy mys- pace page….i knew it was going to crash.

When the 2007-2008 crash finally came and the entire market came tumbling down in one of the worst recessions in history, I was validated, but it didn’t matter..nobody gave a crap about me.

I stashed all my money away from the market from 2006-2008 pretty much, but occasionally traded forex..i actually on record with real money doubled my account in one month in Nov 2008, but my main subscriber website income was practically nill.

But in 2009 my business took a huge turn. Obama became president and all my avenues of communication were mysteriously re-opened on the internet..

I regained my confidence and in a huge eureka moment in Feb of 2009 on youtube, I saw something that nobody was talking about.

The crash in the indices were ALL near the .618 support levels from the low of the 1974 crash to the peak of 2007.
It was amazing what I was seeing, and the fact that the SPX got a per- fect upward .382 retracement W4 to 950 after the large crash downward 3 from the fall of 2008, confirmed what I was about to predict.

If you follow my analysis on, you will know that the upward . 382 retracement after a 1.618 downward 3 or 2.618 downward 3 is how I’m able to spot major bottoms before huge reversals in the mar- ket.

In fact I use the “1.618 W3 down, upward .382 to the precise w4 level and W5 = W1, truncation or .618 x W1 + W3” pattern to trade short term moves on 2 or 30 day charts.

The is one big secret that people tend to look over…if you were to use this method or trade off of a confident pattern I’m seeing like this, 9 times out of 10 that I’ve spotted this pattern in the history of all my web- site posts and
trades..a good, large or VERY large profit was made.

This is the exact pattern that from from the peak of 2007 to the bottom in 2009. Wave 1 or W1 from the 2007 high was 1550 to 1250, upward 2 was .618 to 1450, the downward 3 was a little over 1.618 from 1450 to 750.

The key level that got me was the .382 retracement from 750 to 950…when I saw that, the “Eureka” moment set in.
Now the big question after that .382 upward 4 retracement to 950 was this…which 5th wave would it end up being? W1 = W5, truncation or .618 X W1 + W3?

On the Feb 2009 “Major DOW Bottom Call” video on youtube and the “Bottom Call Ending Diagonal video” that got a few thousand views over the years combined (I usually get 300-400 views a day btw) I stated the fol- lowing important points to be able to spot this bottom: (Just go on gemxwave and search those terms and you’ll find them on my site)

1.) The DOW was near the precise .618 retracement level of the entire move from the low of 1974 to the peak of 2007. Essentially calling the lows of 1974 to 2007 W1 of W3. The crash wave had a 5 wave down
apearance of a full corrective W2…back to back bubbles in a row, crashes and finally the DOW gave in and retraced that complete move.

2.) We got an upward 2 that was .618 of W1, which fit the criteria of that pattern, into a downward crash 3.

3.) After the crash 3, the key wave pattern was the precise .382 retrace- ment in an upward 4 before a 5 down. This is very important like I said, and with intraday or 10 day swing trades, I use this exact setup to buy as LOW as possible. People LOVE to buy low and sell high of course, and discovery has benefited a lot of traders on my website since 2009.

4.) The 5th wave was either w1 = w5, truncation. .618 X W1 + W3 or any of those 3 with an ending diagonal. As most people know I’ve made some sick
mid-term bottom calls by spotting this rare and elusive formation. When the ending diagonal occurs at the lowest of the low in a 5th wave, combined with fibonacci, there’s an extremely powerful reversal, ala SPX 666 to SPX 1810 which we are seeing now.
5.) The last point was spotting the ending diagonal pattern, which is, again very hard to see and spot in the bumpy ABCDE low volume whimper..that’s what happened in 2009, and I got extremely excited when it happened..
6.) Finally, right at W1 = W5 distance, i spotted that final “E” wave in the ABCDE..and even called for DOW 6500, SPX 650-670 and NASDAQ 1250-1300…as you guys know I called these levels so close to what they ended up being, that people freaked out, and the Wavegenius was re- born. The big bottom was in, and it was up up and away.

These calls were caught on Youtube videos with the time stamped in Feb 2009, and have been a mainstay of my business for years.

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