Here’s what I wrote in the article/Ebook Dec 12, 2013:

“On the S&P 500 long term 5 year chart from the final bottom OF OUR EN- TIRE LIVES in 2009, it’s a very simple pattern. Wave 1 was 666 to 1355 with a clear 5 wave pattern, Wave 2 crashed in a zigzag from 1355 to 1075 in a deep 2 back to the previous 4 support on the European crisis in 2011. It broke into the “80% Profitable Pattern Break” early 2012 over 1355, setting up the 3rd wave. Many “others” were thinking “triple top at 1550” or 5 waves up to 1550 or what- ever, but I called a mammoth 3rd wave to as high as 2215 when it just broke that 1355 1.00 breakout level. Currently it’s sitting around 1779 (recent high was 1813.50 in Dec 2013). The highest conservative 1.618 target would be 2215, which is plenty of distance from here, but the 1.618 X the multiple gain of W1 tar- get would be 3545. This is the most common 3rd wave extension in long term

bull markets..(just look at charts going back to the early 1900’s on the DOW) …ba- sically you the multiple gain of W1 which was 2.0345, multiply that number by 1.618, which would be 3.2918, multiply that number by the low of S&P W2 which was 1075, and you arrive at the target of 3545.”